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Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Join us for a new experience with our most recent addition to the wellness center — the Ionic Detox Foot Bath! This “happy feet experience” is a safe, gentle and holistic method to remove toxins in your body. Learn more about the benefits below!

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Health benefits...

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Who should not use ionization?

• Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant.

• People with pacemakers.

• People with implanted organs or steel plates or joints.

• People with epilepsy.

• People with open wounds on their feet.

How does ionization work?

The water in the foot bath is broken down into energy ions—both positive and negative. Ions are charged atoms that have gained or lost an atom, which causes them to establish an electrostatic field that attracts and neutralizes oppositely charged particles and pulls them out of the body via osmosis.

How do toxins accumulate?

In most cases, poor diet and high stress are the main cause of toxins, as we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products. Some of these waste products include diacetic, pyruvic, lactic, butyric, uric, carbonic, acetic and hepatic acids.

We are also exposed to toxins in the air we breathe and the water we drink. These sources are very much out of our control and will always put us at risk of toxic accumuation in our system. After an initial detox protocol of 8 treatments, it is very important to engage in a detoxification maintenance program.

What happens during a detox treatment?

• You immerse your feet in warm water.

• The foot spa is set to the appropriate time settings and

ionization levels.

• Then you sit back and relax for 30 minutes while the foot spa

starts to draw toxins out as well as stimulate the entire body -- including the kidneys and liver -- to improve their ability to detoxify your body.

• Your body will continue to detox for the next 24-48 hours.

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